Eight relics, eight saints and many little things

17.05.2023 30.09.2023




António Camões Gouveia

We can affirm that there are no relics without saints, it is true! Therefore, starting with eight relics from the collection of the Museum of São Roque, we will look at their devotions, their material dimension and their powers of intercession.

We will show the lives, the hagiographies and the path of the powers in the construction of the personal holiness of each of the saints.

In this expository essay we will show the relics deeply rooted in the cultures of the territory of Portugal (processions, pilgrimages, rituals of touch and devotion, food, songs, traditions) and perceive them as components of the landscape.

duas crianças a preparar trono para peditório

St Anthony’s feasts, Children prepare the trhone for the peditory.
Joshua Benoliel (1873-1932)
1909, june
Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa, Arquivo Fotográfico

escultura de santa cristina

Sculpture of Saint Christina
Portugal, 15th century
Painted stone and silver
64×17×17 cm
Mafra, Azueira, igreja de Santa Cristina

relíquia do sangue de santa rita de cássia

Relic of Saint Rita of Cascia’s blood
Portugal (?), século 18th century (?)
Cloth, glass, metal
Ø 5,1 cm Lisboa, MSR/SCML, inv. RL. 5