Chalice (detail)

INV OR.623
Cálice (pormenor)

Giovanni Francesco Arrighi (1646-1730), ativ. 1683-1730

Italy, Rome, c. 1727-1728

Repoussé and chased gilt silver

28 x Ø 16 cm (base); 1280 g


This chalice, with its tulip-shaped top, reflects the Roman taste of the first half of the 18th century and shows clear affinities with others produced during the same period, especially as regards the iconographic programme displayed, dominated by the figuration of the three theological virtues and alluding to the Passion of Christ.

At its base, one can recognise allegorical figurations of Faith, Hope and Charity and also little angels holding symbols of the Passion, such as the crown of thorns, the lance and the nails. Other instruments of the Passion, such as the cross, the scourges and the stick with the vinegar sponge can be seen in the programme decorating the false cup of the chalice, which are displayed by little angels flying through clouds animated by cherubim heads.