Altar frontal with apocalypse scene (detail)

Frontal de altar com cena do apocalipse (pormenor)

Antonio Arrighi (1687-1776) (silversmith) Agostino Corsini (1688-1772), for the apocalipse scene (sculptor) / Bernardino Ludovisi (1694-1749), for the pair of angels (escultor)

Italy, Rome, 1749-1750

Chased silver, gilt bronze and lapis-lazuli

230 x 112 cm, 312.650 g


Intended to be used on feast days, particularly on the chapel's patron saint's day, the frontal displays two angels in figures flanking a central panel composed of a relief in chiselled silver, with a scene from the Apocalypse - The Lamb Adored by the Elders (Rev. 5:6,8), on a lapis lazuli background.

This is one of the most exuberant works of the set of implements for the chapel of St. John the Baptist in the Church of São Roque commissioned by King John V (1689-1750) in Rome in 1744. It was commissioned by one of the goldsmiths who worked most for Portugal during the reign of King John V, as the payment books of the Portuguese embassy in Rome reveal.

Frontal de altar com cena do apocalipse (pormenor)